People for Ecologically Sustainable Transport


This website is archived in memory of Alan Parker OAM and his tireless advocacy for sustainable transport in Australia. It’s a work in progress with much more to come.

Cycling as a means of transport was largely ignored by policy-makers in Australian cities until relatively recently but the work of early activists like the late Alan Parker was crucial – Alan Davies

PEST (People for Ecologically Sustainable Transport) was created by a small group of transport activists in 1996 to promote the need for an ecologically sustainable transport system. A transport system that greatly reduces road congestion, oil consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and increases the level of incidental exercise in travelling from A to B.

A transport system, not dependent on cars and SUV’s, that would ensure that the car industry becomes terminally ill at about the same time as the oil industry, due to the terminal decline in world crude oil production, known as peak oil.

PEST members write letters to politicians and newspapers; make submissions to government inquiries and planning studies and present papers at transport planning conferences. Read more

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